Why is red honey pomelo more expensive than white honey pomelo?

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There are many varieties of honey pomelo, each with its own flavor. But the sharp-eyed people will find that the red honey pomelo sold in the market is much more expensive than the ordinary white honey pomelo. They are both honey pomelo, and the appearance looks similar, but why cause the price differences?

Taste of red honey pomelo VS white honey pomelo

The red honey pomelo inherits the excellent advantages of thin skin, seedless flesh, juicy and soft, no residue, sweet and slightly acidic, with more refreshing taste and more vivid color. The fuchsia flesh looks extraordinarily beautiful and attractive, so the red fleshy honey pomelo has the reputation of “the crown of pomelo”.

Nutritional value of red honey pomelo VS white honey pomelo

a. The reason why red honey pomelo is red is that the content of lycopene and beta carotene is 55 times and 46.8 times that of ordinary white honey pomelo respectively. These two nutrients have been confirmed to have high cholesterol and blood lipids inhibition. In addition, lycopene and beta-carotene are recognized as strong antioxidants in the world, which help to eliminate free radicals in the human body and improve immunity and delay aging.

b. The red honey pomelo is rich in vitamin A, which can promote the normal growth and development of bones, so the baby grows healthier after eating.

c. The red honey pomelo contains a certain amount of natural folic acid, which can protect the health of pregnant women.

d. The red honey pomelo contains a lot of dietary fiber and vitamin P, which is the best partner for beauty to keep fit.

e. The high blood pressure patients often use drugs to remove excess sodium, while the red honey pomelo just contains the natural minerals necessary for high blood pressure patients - potassium, and almost no sodium, it is their best therapeutic fruit.

Therefore, red honey pomelo is indeed worth buying.