How to pick up and peel off the honey pomelo?

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What are the benefits of eating honey pomelo?

The honey pomelo fruit tastes sweet and sour, slightly bitter, rich in vitamin C and a lot of other nutrients. It is recognized as the most therapeutic fruit in the medical world. It can remove pigmentation, prevent anemia in pregnant women, prevent diabetes, reduce the possibility of stroke, protect the heart and liver, help to lose weight, help laxative, firm skin as well as help stomach and digestion.

How to choose honey pomelo? 

When picking up honey pomelo, you can purchase it with a wide upper and lower width but thin and smooth skin, as well as light green or yellowish color with rich aroma. 

How to peel off the whole honey pomelo in a minute?

Preparation tool: an ordinary iron spoon.

Step1: Put the honey pomelo on the table and rub it to make it loose

Step2: Use a spoon to cut through the  ’waist’ of the honey pomelo (If your spoon can’t cut, you can also prepare a knife)

Step3: Use a spoon to divide the gap a little wider to make the honey pomelo and its skin loose

Step4: Open the honey pomelo along the gap

Step5: Open the top cover and loosen the lower part of the honey pomelo again with the spoon

Step6: The complete honey pomelo can be taken out

If you can’t finish the whole one, you can put the rest honey pomelo back into its skin, so that the uneaten part can be preserved fresh in the skin.