The magical effect of honey pomelo skin

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A. The honey pomelo skin boiled with water can treat children with pneumonia

After eating the honey pomelo flesh, leave its skin to dry, and put a few pieces of the skin into water to cook together (It can’t be too small piece, otherwise the effect is reduced, but also can’t be too large), also water can’t be too much, after boiled for a few times, pour the boiled soup into the bowl and make the sick child drink it. He will recover after drinking a few times.

B. The honey pomelo skin boiled with water to treat frostbite

Use the dried honey pomelo skin to boil with water. When it is very strong, take this water and apply the frostbite, but avoid the skin. It should be noted that at the beginning the temperature of the towel should not be too high, you can release the heat a bit by shaking the towel.  After the frostbite is adapted, gradually increase the temperature. At the highest, the towel should be taken out of the pot and directly applied.   This method requires patience  and long-term persistence (even if it already recovers, it’s better to insist till winter ends),  which can promote the recovery of frostbite and effectively eliminate the recurrence or alleviation of the coming year. If the frostbite is not broken, you can add a few dry peppers. The pot and towel should preferably be used separately. The cooked water does not need to be replaced, but it must be boiled every time. If adding new water,  it is necessary to extend the boiling time.

C. pickled citron sugar

Method:  Cut off its outer skin, pay attention that all the cyan should be shaved, otherwise it will be a bit bitter.  Then cut it horizontally into strips,  pay attention to cut then thin. Put them in boiling water and cook it and sink them in cold water for one or two days. In the meantime, change the water once or twice.  When changing water,  attention to squeeze out the water first and then put them into new water (so you can get rid of bitterness) .  After one or two days,  squeeze the skin out of the water, dry it a little, and put aside.  Then cook some sugar till it becomes liquid (you can also put some in the spicy),  put its skin in and cook it for a while. This made the honey pomelo sugar.

D. The honey pomelo 'wheat'

The practice is similar to the above, but the skin is cut into three or four pieces, into a triangle,  and then each piece carefully cut a small mouth with a knife,   and then put the ready stuffing into it (This stuffing is prepared according to everyone\&s taste. Usually you can use the same stuffing as you make tofu.) Remember to cook in boiling water and soak in cold water for one or two days, and then squeeze out the water and brew it till ready.

E. Buckle pork with pomelo skin

Prepare 500 grams of pork to make meat according to the general procedure: first cook to eight mature - coated with sweet wine on the skin – pour into the pot to go with oil – add water to cook and slice. The pomelo skin is also sliced, sandwiched between each piece of meat, placed in a pot, evenly placed in salt, soy sauce, soybean meal and steamed to a soft rotten.  The white peony of the honey pomelo skin can not only reduce the fat content, but also play a role in relieving greasy. It is of excellent nutrition, and also very helpful in beauty. The practice of spicy pomelo skin is characterized by spicy.   If it is not spicy, it is not commensurate with the characteristics of the rich honey pomelo skin. Be careful, be sure to put the hot peppers.

Ingredients: honey pomelo skin

Excipients: chili cardamom (or cardamom and pepper), green garlic, celery, ginger, duck juice. Steps: 

a. Remove its outer green layer skin, then cut the slice with a diagonal knife, immerse it in water for three or four days, and change the water once a day. This soaking is to remove the bitter taste of the honey pomelo skin. 

b.Pick up the honey pomelo skin soaked in water, squeeze the water,  and put it in the pot. This can also remove the water from the barley that can be  peeled again. 

c. Put the dehydrated pomelo skin in to the pot.

d. put more oil in the pot, as the pomelo skin can absorb oil. Heat the oil, add ginger, chili and cardamom (or put the cardamom and spicy pepper) and stir fry. 

e. put the pomelo skin into the pot, stir fry for a while. 

f. Pour in two spoons of duck soup and stir fry. (Pomelo skin has its own unique aroma,  which can be mixed with the turbid taste of duck.  It tastes very good. If you don\&t have duck soup, you can also use chicken soup to make pomelo skin better taste.) 

g. add green garlic, celery, chicken essence, white salt, soy sauce and stir fry it. 

h.The dish is ready.