IQF Mixed Vegetables
IQF Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetables are made by sweet corn, carrot diced and green peas. It can be properly cooked and retain flavor, color, and freshness while minimizing nutritional loss.

1. Color: Natural bright color

2. Taste: Typical Taste

3. Spec: Carrot dices 40% Sweet corn kernel 30% Green pea 30%

4. Packing: 1*10kg/PE bag/CTN or as customer's requirements.

5. Supply season: All the year round.

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IQF Mixed Vegetables

IQF Mixed Vegetables

IQF Mixed Vegetables

Frozen veggies are low cost and quite stable. What's more is that the freezing process is very favorable toward vegetables, with nutrients, vitamins and minerals all being well-retained. In fact, frozen veggies may actually be more nutritious than fresh ones, in some cases.


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